Repurposing My Plastic Garbage Bin

The day came when I was looking through Instagram and came around to finding out about this new Instagram page called @hklivingusa. I looked through their page and decided to just take a look at their website to see what they have to offer. I just scrolled through and liked their products. Then I came … Continue reading Repurposing My Plastic Garbage Bin

Upcycled Skates for My Door Decor

I just love thrifting. Especially when it comes to decorating your home. On my last post, I show you how I upcyled men's button down shirt and transform it into a pillow case (you can see it here).  When it comes to something thrifted and unseen by others and by adding a little TLC, it … Continue reading Upcycled Skates for My Door Decor