How to Make a Shabby Striped Pumpkin

Hey there friends!

I am so happy to be able to do this tutorial for you.

Here is the tutorial on how you can make this cute shabby striped pumpkin.


• 1 burlap stem

• Striped fabric

• Circular plate or bowl for the outline (I used my vintage bowl measuring about 26-1/2″ circumference and 8-3/8″ diameter)

• Needle and thread (any color since it won’t show once you pull the fabric together when you ruffle it)

• Poly fiber stuffing (I like to use what I have so I had unstuffed an old pillow and reused the stuffing in it, but you can buy them new in any craft store)

• 1 Eyelet lace (13″ long)

• 1 Natural burlap twine (20″ long)

• Hot glue gun and glue

• Scissors

• Pencil

Step 1: Lay your fabric down on your table. Face the fabric pattern downwards. The pattern side of the fabric should be facing the table.

Step 2: Using the circular template (aka the dinner plate), trace to make a circle on the fabric with a pencil.

Step 3: Cut the circle using the scissors.

Step 4: Using the thread and needle, sew a straight stitch close to the edge of the circle. About 1/4″ away from the edge and make them wide enough to be easy to pull the thread and gather the fabric.

Step 5: Stop sewing once you get to the beginning stitch. Don’t close the stitch just yet.

Step 6: With the thread still in place on the fabric, you will pull the thread and hold the fabric in place to gather it and making a ruffle effect. This should close the fabric and make the pumpkin. Don’t close it all the way since you want to stuff it first.

Step 7: Stuff the pumpkin. Then gather the fabric to close the rest of the way leaving about 1/4″ open in the center for your stem. Then close the stitch. Set aside.

Step 8: Using the lace and twine you will create the bow. (The stem on the pics of steps 8, 9, and 10 isn’t glued on just yet. I put it in the pumpkin to see how it will all look once completed before adding the glue 😉).

Step 9: Take your lace and place it down flat on the table. With your twine tie a single knot in the center of the lace. Then make a bow with the twine.

Step 10: (Optional) Thread the twine through the eyelet of the lace.

Step 11: Glue the stem inside the center of the pumpkin.

Step 12: Glue the bow on the base of the stem. Right where the stem and fabric pumpkin meet.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please comment below to let me know if you liked it to give me a boost to continue to make more tutorials just like this. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as @daintycottagedecor to see more stuff like behind the scenes and what I’m up to next!

You can see a time-lapse video of this tutorial in my Instagram account under my IGTV channel🙂

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