My $35 and Under Finds: August 2018

I was so excited to have found these items for my kids’ playroom! I wanted to transform a space into a little reading nook. Encouraging them to read. What child doesn’t like their own little space?

I was looking around for a great price on a kid’s canopy and I accidentally found this net canopy for $5!!! That’s right… 5 BUCKS!

I had taken my kids to the Five Below store so they could buy something for themselves with their allowance money. Lo and behold, I spotted this in that store! (Click on the link to take you there directly they are going fast).

I found these faux fur pillows over at Bed Bath and Beyond on sale for $12.49 each!Original price? $24.99 each!! I got both for the price of one! I call that a sweet deal!

This little collectible bear was given to me 10 years ago for my baby shower. My first baby is turning 10😭.

And this beautiful wreath I got from Tiny Land. They are selling it for $29.99 over at Amazon. I think it gives it a great contrast to the kids’ room. This wreath is so versatile that I couldn’t figure out where I wanted it!

It went from my kids’ playroom to my living room. LOL! I can’t decide where I like it best?! It’s just so pretty anywhere.

What do you think? Should I keep it in the living room? 😁

What are some of your favorite sweet deal finds? And how much did you pay for it? Comment below I’d love to hear all about itπŸ˜„

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