Decorating My House on a $35 Budget Every Two Weeks


I’m on a mission!

So I decided that it is time to tackle on my home decor again. I started it last year but ended up stopping because of our new little addition to the family. She comes first before anything. We had tossed everything we had for baby furniture so we had to start from scratch. Thanks to friends and family for their support we were able to receive a lot. Hey! This could be another blog post right? Maybe, let me known the comments if you want to hear about it.

Since we don’t have a lot of money floating around for splurging on home decor, I decided to give myself a decent budget to work with.

How much will I budget? So every two weeks (when payday comes around) I will give myself $35 to work with.

What if an item I want costs more than $35? If there is ever something I would like to have that costs more than $35, then I would just save the two weeks worth until I have enough to purchase what I want.

What if I only purchase something much less than $35? If something costs me less than the budget amount, then I will do a happy dance and just spend that little amount and wait till next pay. I haven’t decided if I would save the rest and add it to next payday  or just be happy I saved and not use the rest of my biweekly budget and forget the rest, move on, I don’t have it anymore, the rest of the $ went bye-bye. We will see. Oh who am I kidding?! Of course I will use the rest! LOL!

What will I be buying? I will be buying anything that is on sale! I will try my best to get what I can for my home decor that’s in my budget for sale. If there are things that is out of my reach and it is something that I can recreate myself I will do it! It’s all about saving and making my home a pretty home.

I will be sharing all my budget friendly details here on my blog and over at my Instagram page @daintycottagedecor. I’m hoping I break out of my shell and start doing some videos too. Maybe when I go shopping I can take you along with me as well.

I hope you begin to follow me on this new journey of mine.

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