My Very First Quilt: A Baby Quilt

I am so happy how my very first quilt turned out. It’s not perfect being that it was my very first, and I went rogue from all those tutorials that are out there. What can I say. I like to do it myself making things with my very own ideas.

As I was making this quilt, all I could think is of our baby girl and how I would just wrap her little self in it. And the thought of how cozy she would be in it too.

I get more and more excited for her arrival. My kids talk about her everyday and pray for her every night during our bedtime prayers.

For our nightly routine not only is it our bedtime prayers but also we kiss and hug one another and say goodnight. They make sure that they also kiss and hug their baby sister (aka: my baby bump).

Those moments just make me anxious and long for her to be here. And those moments are the ones that I cherish.

I hope you enjoy these pics. I took tons of them! Lol. Hope you don’t get tired of them🙈. Can’t have too many pics of details right?!

Thank you for visiting! Hope you enjoyed them🌸

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