Basement Progress: Part 2 Adding the Banister

Before our reno, when you walked down the stairs to our basement, the banister was on the left side of the wall. The reason it was on the left was because the wall on the right side was missing some of the wall. The reason was that we would have eventually add spindles to that side.

Well, since then we decided to change our plans when we thought about renovating the entire basement. We filled that wall back up, and on the other side of that wall will be a room.

We went out and bought the supplies for a new banister and went with oak. We decided not to stain it and keep it its natural look. I think this is going to look very cottage-y. Especially with the color we chose for the walls and the type of carpet we will install.

I think it looks beautiful just the way it is. What do you think?

We still need to sand it down and polyurethane it to seal it. Then we will be done till we get our carpet in! Wohoo!!

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