Easy Pillow Case Tutorial: Made Out Of Men’s Button Down Shirt.

This idea is a great way to repurpose those shirts that your hubby is done with. Or if you like to go thrift shopping grab your favorite shirt pattern and color you see and start this project. It’s a great way to add interest to your throw pillow collection. Plus, you can repurpose your old throw pillows that just don’t fit in your decor anymore.


The other reason I like this particular sewing project is because I still don’t know how to use the button hole maker on my sewing machine. I know, that’s pretty bad. Once I learn to do it I will start adding buttons to my sewing projects, but for now this will have to do😉 And it works!!

For best results, please read the tutorial a couple of times before starting on this sewing project. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer you as soon as I can.


Let’s begin.

I started out by washing, drying, and ironing the thrifted shirt. My husband wouldn’t allow me to use any of his button downs, so I went thrift shopping! The shirt I got was an extra large. After this sewing project was done, I had extra fabric to use for other things. (While at the consignment shop, I grabbed other items which will be for other DIY ideas I will do and show you). Ok, back to this tutorial…


Button the shirt before starting the next step.

Measure pillow you will be using and use that as your guide, make your mark, then cut top and bottom of shirt. I measured the throw pillow I had at home that I will be using for this project. The measurements were: 17.5″x17″. I just used exactly 17.5″ for my length and width of my pillow case. The .5″ of my measurements will be my seam allowance, so when my pillow case is sewn it should be at exactly 17″ in the end. I first started with the top part of the shirt. I measured the fabric making sure that the button section of the shirt was exactly in the middle of my measurements (I placed the buttons on the 8.75″ mark if this help you know where my middle mark was), drew my marks to have a visual of where I would make the cuts, and once I was satisfied with the result I cut my fabric. I started this step with the top part of the shirt then repeated this step on the flat part of the back of the shirt. Since button downs have that folded backing I cut just underneath that part of the shirt.


With right sides facing each other pin them in place. Once both pieces are cut, place the right sides of the shirts together. They should be facing each other and you should be seeing the inside of the shirt. Align the edges and pin them in place.

Sew edges. Sew all 4 edges by a .25″. I used the overlock stitch for more security, but you can use the straight or zig-zag stitching if you prefer that. Cut the outer excess material to prevent it from fraying. When you cut the edges, make sure you cut as close as you can to the stitching without cutting the stitching. Cut the cornered edges also making sure you don’t cut the stitching.


Unbutton it and turn right side out.

Place pillow in the pillow case and button it down to close.

Voila! You are done and you made this beautiful piece of home decor without doing to much. All the details where already there. All you had to do is cut and sew the edges together!


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. When you give it a try, please leave me a comment and send me some pictures! I would love to see what you have done!! 😀

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