First Blog Post



Hello my friends.

I am so excited to start my very own blog. As some of you might know, I have announced on my Instagram page that our family is growing. We are expecting baby #5 by May 1st. Yup, baby #5! And I will try my best to keep you posted on my pregnancy and how we all are adjusting and how we adjust to being a family of 7 once baby is here! I fist wanted to talk more about myself, so you can get to know me a little more.


My favorite things to do is crafting, baking, and sewing.

I started sewing 2 years ago. Aftee a ton of tutorial blogs, how-to videos, and many errors later I eventually started my own Etsy shop which you can find here. Things I made and vintage items I love that I have scouted and found to sell. My small shop has helped me get started to know about owning a small business and showing off my craftsmanship has been awesome.


Now with this new little addition I know its going to take some adjusting and a lot of work. I know I won’t have the time to make a lot of things for my shop. It is why I started this blog. I can provide you with instructions on how you can make the items I would have loved to make for you and provide it through my shop. Having my own blog can allow me to give you the tutorial and then be able to keep the item for myself. Yay for me. Some of the things I make I might just add it into my Etsy shop with limited quantities for those who rather buy it than make it and have the tutorial for those who want to make the item for the fun of it. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Win-win for all! Yay!

Well, that is my goal anyway.


Thank you for stopping by and reading my first little rambling blog post… lol.

Are you thinking on starting something yourself? Don’t forget to comment below and tell me about it and how you found me.


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