Best Slow-Cooker Bread

Here is another reason to love your slow cooker! This beautiful, most delicious, aroma scented-all-over-your-home bread! I had never heard of making bread in the slow-cooker until a friend posted a recipe for it! Wait, what? Bread? In the slow-cooker? YUP! I researched recipes and I knew what I was going to do. Try it! … Continue reading Best Slow-Cooker Bread

Getting Ready For Spring 2019

We just got more snow and I can't help but to check for any updates on our weather station. Hoping to see 50°F somewhere in the scales. I do get happy to see at least 40s in there too. There is hope that Spring is arriving early. So in these hopes, I'm making it reality … Continue reading Getting Ready For Spring 2019

Repurposing My Plastic Garbage Bin

The day came when I was looking through Instagram and came around to finding out about this new Instagram page called @hklivingusa. I looked through their page and decided to just take a look at their website to see what they have to offer. I just scrolled through and liked their products. Then I came … Continue reading Repurposing My Plastic Garbage Bin

Decorating My House on a $35 Budget Every Two Weeks

I'm on a mission! So I decided that it is time to tackle on my home decor again. I started it last year but ended up stopping because of our new little addition to the family. She comes first before anything. We had tossed everything we had for baby furniture so we had to start … Continue reading Decorating My House on a $35 Budget Every Two Weeks